A producer, an artisan, a specialist of as-yet-unknown who creates something by one’s acquired skills and arts. DEAN & DELUCA not only calls producers of food but also chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, garcons, designers and people who deliver food as “ARTISAN”. “THE ARTISAN TABLE・DEAN & DELUCA” will be the place to create the new joy of food by bringing “ARTISAN” and “ARTISAN” together.



We use ingredients that embody regional characteristics and the ones with the sense of the seasons that are nourished by climate and natural features.


We keep our eyes on food cultures and lifestyles of the place where we live, Japan, as well as those of the countries around the world.


We incorporate traditional ingredients that have their roots in the regional food culture and standard foods.


We use ingredients and tools with artisanal spirit and care that we have selected on our own.


At “THE ARTISAN TABLE・DEAN & DELUCA” ingredients are selected on the basis of the 24 Solar Terms to rejoice the seasonal goodness of food and prepare dishes that would be harmonious with people, region and environment. The 24 Solar Terms is the traditional calendar based on the annual motion of the sun. The ecliptic, the path of the sun on the celestial sphere, is evenly divided into 24 segments by a unit of 15 days. Each segment is regarded as a solar term which expresses a specific theme of the four seasons.


At “THE ARTISAN TABLE・DEAN & DELUCA”, the chefs change every 3 months to present menus in the seasonal themes. The chefs travel. They go to production areas, look for ingredients and create menus that are meant to be presented at that time of the year. The chefs change every 3 months because the time to travel is necessary to be in touch with the seasonal ingredients & ARTISAN.


“THE ARTISAN TABLE・DEAN & DELUCA” aspires to be the “FOOD LABORATORY RESTAURANT”. LABORATORY= a place of research, experiment and practice sessions. We will find and discover wonderful ingredients of Japan and around the globe and continue the quest for the new joy of food. From this thought, we call it as the “FOOD LABORATORY RESTAURANT”. Not only new dishes and services will be offered but there also will be various activities as “FOOD LABORATORY” such as “COOKING CLASS” where we directly transmit what we have acquired and “MAKER’S DINNER” as the place to meet the producers.